Bird watching in Iceland

There are quite a few things Iceland is world famous for including the spectacular volcanic scenery, the hot springs and the geysers, but most of all for the breeding wildfowl, waders and seabirds. One of the most popular and rare birds that you may enjoy while bird watching in Iceland are Harlequin Ducks, Barrow's Goldeneye, White-tailed Eagle, Gyrfalcon and Brünnich's Guillemot. If you take a bird watching tour in Iceland you have a good chance of seeing all of these species and more. The island is known as one of the few breeding grounds for waterfowl in Europe . There are at least 16 species of duck nesting there, two of which are American species (Barrow’s golden eye and the harlequin duck). This country is considered to be a paradise by bird-watchers. Depending on the species you would like to see, there are many places you can choose from for bird watching in Iceland .

Icelandic bird-life

Bird watching in Iceland gives you quite a different perspective because the bird-life here differs from other countries. This is quite obvious when you pay attention to the number of species and also to which groups they belong. The fact that Iceland has an isolated geographic position and because of its lack of woodlands makes it hard for species like passerines or songbirds to survive there. However, it is obvious that the place is extremely favourable for waterfowl. Also, the ocean creates great opportunities for a large number of seabirds. Thus, we can say that while Iceland is lacking in the number of species, is evidently made up by the huge number of individuals. Bird watching in Iceland is a quality time activity because of the high density of birds and also because of how easily observed they are.