Cruises around Iceland

Iceland is considered to be a modern and technologically advanced country, which is situated within 5 hours from the United States ’ East- coast. Many believe that Iceland is the ideal place for their vacations having an exciting, lively, and ancient culture of its own. There you can feel like home and free to explore and admire the beautiful landscapes. One of the most popular things tourists choose while visiting the island is taking cruises around Iceland . These cruises usually start from the Keflavik port, which is situated just a short way from the international airport. The cruises around Iceland give you the opportunity to see all the beautiful landscapes that can be found on the largest of the North Atlantic islands. It is said that these landscapes are some of the most inspiring on earth. The volcanoes, icecaps, glaciated mountains, fjords, cliffs and beaches are some of the greatest things you can enjoy seeing while taking cruises around Iceland .

The Arctic wonders

Iceland is an Arctic, North Atlantic island that offers fine scenery and wildlife experiences. Tourists are always amazed by the massive colonies of sea birds and by the thrilling antics of whales and dolphins at sea. The cruises around Iceland give you the chance to see al these wonderful things and many more as most of the places that are explored have been inhabited for the last 5000 years, thus there are a lot of prehistoric and historic sites. Most cruises around Iceland take approximately 9 days and you are guaranteed to see at least one thing that will amaze you. Besides the wonderful landscapes the thing that will catch your attention will surely be the variety of animal life. Your eyes will enjoy a mixture of kittiwakes, skuas, swans, ducks, orcas, humpbacks, blue whales, and seals to mention only a few of them.