Eating out and Restaurants in Iceland

There are a lot of restaurants and other places for eating out in Iceland and they reach their highest density in the centre. You can find any type of cuisine here, starting from the US fast food products to the most sophisticated French dishes or to traditional Oriental food. Also, there are a lot of cafes that provide various menus usually consisting of soup-of – the – day, salads, traditional dishes, sandwiches and even Mexican or Italian specialties. While eating out in Iceland , most tourists enjoy the traditional dishes and it has been demonstrated that the Icelandic cakes and sweets are situated on a high position in the preferences’ top. However, “typical” Icelandic food is not so easy to find while eating out in Iceland as the kind of food the older generation eats is not served in the usual restaurants.

Typical Icelandic food

There are quite a few places where you can find typical food while eating out in Iceland . Most restaurants do not serve the “real thing” dishes because most of them are made of quite uncommon ingredients. However, if you are up for culinary adventure, it’s worth trying at least one of these dishes. One of the most popular traditional dishes you will find while eating out in Iceland consists of burnt sheep head split in two garnished with mashed sweeds or mashed potatoes. Other dishes that are eaten here, and only here, are the so-called Viking-like foods that the livings enjoy to “torture” the tourists with. These foods consist of putrefied shark, smoked puffins, guillemot, reindeer, and lamb.