Hiking and riding in Iceland

Hiking and riding in Iceland are two of the most popular activities among the tourists that visit the country. Hiking or riding among glaciated peaks, geothermal valleys or even black sand beaches can be very interesting for most people because it’s the only way of seeing everything that is to see. Iceland is a place that hosts many things, which are quite different than a foreigner can ever imagine. There is not another place in the world were you can witness so many Mother Nature marvels. While hiking and riding in Iceland you can admire the majestic icecaps and many other glaciers, the spouting geysers, many volcanoes (and the show is even better if the volcanoe is active), beautiful rivers and magnificent waterfalls. The fauna is also a surprise generator in Iceland especially when we talk about birds.

Hiking and riding tours

Of course, in order that you can enjoy all the marvels we talked about in the previous paragraph, you are provided with a lot of hiking and riding in Iceland tours. Most such tours begin with the exploration of the wonderful Pingvellir’s natureal amphitheatre. This spot was made by the splitting of the European and American Tectonic Plates. Another great place that you will see while hiking and riding in Iceland is the Gulfoss (the Golden Waterfall). This way you will be able to admire the beautiful sight from an arms length of its mighty flow. Another great thing that you will see during such a tour would surely be the Vatnajokull, which is the largest icecap in the world if we don’t take into consideration the polar regions.