Horse riding in Iceland

Horses are an Icelandic national passion, thus horse riding in Iceland is one of the most favorite activities. The horses here belong to a very special breed. These horses were by the Vikings during the 9 th century and after a very short while the horse importation has been banned. The horses here are unique because the breed remained pure for the last 1000 years. Thus, horse riding in Iceland is particularly kind on the rear end. These animals are short, stocky, thick-maned and that is why they have been used as the only means of transportation for a lot of centuries. Horse riding in Iceland is also very safe because the horses here are very friendly, willing and docile and they rarely give the rider any kind of trouble. If you are an experienced horse rider or just a beginner, you spend a lot of quality time enjoying pleasures of horse riding.

The unique Icelandic horse

Horses in Iceland are quite small, but you can make a clear distinction between them and ponies. These horses posses some unique gaits, such as the tolt and the pace. Some experienced horse riders can enjoy even a faster version of the tolt. The tolt is a special feature of the horse riding in Iceland characterized by a flowing 4-beat gait where the rider has to stretch down in the stirrup, while sitting back and enjoying the floating sensation. Because of its secure high steps, the Icelandic horse is perfect for the island’s rough terrain. No matter what your level of experience is you will find horse riding in Iceland a great relaxation and also a great way to travel around some areas.