Bars and Clubs in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its vivid nightlife. There are quite a lot of bars and clubs in Iceland and it is very common on the weekend to spend the entire night dancing and partying in one of the city's numerous nightclubs. Clubs here are well known for their cool atmosphere and also for their stylish patrons. The bars and clubs in Iceland are created to suit a wide variety of tastes as far as decor and music are concerned. Usually there are a lot of events organized in clubs, such as concerts or other similar performances featuring dancing and live music that are meant to make your night even better. The bars and clubs in Iceland are the heart of the nightlife and if you want to be a part of it you better hurry to get there because after 11pm , especially on weekends, you might have to wait on a long line. Icelanders are known as a people who parties in mass especially during warm summer nights.

The nightlife in Reykjavik

The bars and clubs in Iceland , and especially in Reykjavik , are known for their durability and ongoing parties. Fun and entertainment here means dance clubs, pubs, parties, festivals, shows, restaurants, concerts and many more. However, if you feel the need of good old-fashioned fun you can also do that best in Iceland . One of the most popular places to party there is near the Laekjartorg (the Spring square), right in the centre of the old Reykjavik town. The bars and clubs in Iceland are usually overpopulated during summer and sometimes you might be asked to pay an entrance fee that can vary between 500 to 1500 ISK. One of the best things you can enjoy in the Reykjavik bars is the beer, which is supposed to taste great because the water it is made with is so clean. Of course, this may come out of the well known infamous Icelandic bravado talking, but one has to admit that the beer there is really good.