Shopping in Iceland

Most people believe that shopping in Iceland is extremely expensive and would never consider it one of the best places to go shopping. One of the reasons why shopping in Iceland is disregarded is that the number of the population is extremely low, thus the selection of goods could also seem to be reduced. People who believe that couldn’t be further from the truth! Icelanders enjoy a high living standard and they demand quality and diversity for the products they purchase. And another thing that might seem unbelievable to you is that the designer brands and high level labels are usually less expensive here than in many other countries. Shopping in Iceland is, thus, a great choice because you can purchase the things you’ve been dreaming of at the prices you like.

Why is Iceland the shopping paradise?

The low prices in Iceland are due to the fact that there are lower overhead costs and also because that the market can’t support the huge mark-ups that are the norm in larger centres. Another reason for you to start shopping in Iceland is that here you can benefit of tax-free shopping. This means that you practically get a 15% discount of everything you are buying, while the quality remains the same. Shopping in Iceland is tax-free for foreigners because the VAT (value added tax) here is used for social purposes, thus if you are a foreign resident you can claim it back. After considering all these, Iceland turns out to be quite an attractive shopping option!