Nature reserves in Iceland – Dorsmork

There are many nature reserves in Iceland and one of the most famous one is Dorsmork. Around Reykjsvik there are 300 square km consisitin of natural wilderness, which offer a great challange for the hiking amateurs. Besides Dorsmork there are a few more nature reserves in Iceland that deserve taking a look. Some of the best sights are on the way out of Grindavik. From there the road snakes eastwards towards a beautiful place named Krisuvik. Here you can admire the great majestic mountains and all the wonderful vegetation that embelishes the place. On the way to one of the greatest nature reserves in Iceland – Dorsmork- you can also stop and check out the deserted fishing station at Selatangar, which is famous because it is one of the few of its kind left as an example of how people used to live in Iceland .

The valley of Dorsmork

One of the most visited nature reserves in Iceland is definately Dorsmork. This nature reserv is actually a valley and the landscapes here are truly breathtaking. If you visit the large valley of Dorskmork with its round fields, straight canyons and colorful flowers, you will truly understand why the place has been an inspiration for so many Icelandic artists. The whole place is surrounded by three majestic glaciar peaks. From the top of these peaks you can see the winding roads that pass through the rocks and finaly get you back to civilisation, respectively in Reykjavik . The valley of Dorsmork is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the nature reserves in Iceland because of its amaying landscapes and vegetation.