The West Fjords in Iceland

The West Fjords is actually a spectacular chain of mountains. This part of the country is 13 million years old and is mostly made of basalt and rhyolite. This is certainly the best place to visit for those who enjoy unspoiled nature. The mountains here are made by glaciers, which have dug up the fjords. By the end of ice age the glaciers started to melt, thus leaving the amazing mountains of The West Fjords. This region is the least populated in Iceland apart from the highlands. Seabirds, Arctic foxes and small villages, whose inhabitants have been fighting with the forces of nature for centuries provide life in the area. Ísafjörður is the largest town in The West Fjords area and it provides the setting for many social and cultural events.

Musts to see in The West Fjords region

The West Fjords area abounds in beautiful landscapes, such as where the land meets sea at a 400m sheer cliff of Látrabjarg. This place is Europe ’s westernmost point and, at the same time, one of the biggest seabird colonies in the world. On the northern edge of the region you can find the Hornstrandir nature reserve, which is extremely beautiful and rich in vegetation. You can also admire relics of places where centuries ago people used to live in places such as the abandoned herring centre of Djúpavík. Other things that you can see in The West Fjords area are the Dynjandy waterfall and the town of Vigur also known as the birds’ paradise.