History & Culture of Iceland

Icelandic Art & design

From unmemorable times to the present day, Icelandic art has continued to evolve and impress through a unique approach to how symbols are represented. Whether you are looking for Icelandic art and design in a museum or in a music hall, you are bound to be impressed by the richness of the Icelandic art heritage. More

Icelandic music 

Icelandic music is usually related to some forms of Nordic music and it includes traditions of folk and pop music. The most popular Icelandic musicians today are the alternative rock band called The Sugar Cubes with its leading singer Bjork and the well known artist Sigur Ros. More

The History & Heritage of Iceland

Iceland - Island in the country’s native language (Icelandic), is a European borderless state. It is officially referred to as the Republic of Iceland and it occupies a volcanic island in the northern Atlantic Ocean . Iceland is the westernmost European country having a population of approximately 300,000 people. More

Festivals in Iceland

There are a lot of festivals in Iceland . There are many types of festivals, such as food festivals, music festivals and the like. One of the most famous festivals in Iceland is the Iceland Airwaves festival, which is a music festival that takes place every year in October. More

Museums and Galleries in Iceland

There are many museums and galleries in Iceland and if you want to admire or even to buy Icelandic art the place to start is definitely the capital, Reykjavik. More

Icelandic cuisine and recipes

It is well known that the Icelandic cuisine and recipes have been the subject of many jokes throughout the years. Because of the very poor conditions for life on the island the Icelanders had to adapt their cuisine to whatever would grow and live there. More