Icelandic cuisine and recipes

It is well known that the Icelandic cuisine and recipes have been the subject of many jokes throughout the years. Because of the very poor conditions for life on the island the Icelanders had to adapt their cuisine to whatever would grow and live there. Obviously, there was not so much variety as the only animals that could live there are the sheep and the Arctic foxes. Because of these circumstances the Icelanders faced about one thousand years of famine, being practically forced to live with the only nourishment they could find. Thus the Icelandic cuisine and recipes might seem a little weird for people from the continent who haven’t been used to eat just about anything. Another result of this would be the fact that Icelanders are totally obsessed with preserving food in any way possible.

The traditional Icelandic cuisine

Icelandic cuisine and recipes are mostly based on traditional foods that are now considered to be more like culinary legend. There are some very weird culinary recipes, such as rotten shark meat, sheep’s head, smoked lamb and even rams’ testicles pickled in urine. Some of the Icelanders still keep the tradition of the Icelandic cuisine and recipes, considering them delicacies. This type of food is nowadays eaten only on special occasions and there are fewer and fewer people who adventure to try them. One of the scariest things in the Icelandic cuisine and recipes is the rotten shark. It tastes like a combination of doggy fish and French cheese with a hint of ammonia. This dish is prepared by burying the shark meat in sand for approximately 6 months.