Festivals in Iceland

There are a lot of festivals in Iceland . There are many types of festivals, such as food festivals, music festivals and the like. One of the most famous festivals in Iceland is the Iceland Airwaves festival, which is a music festival that takes place every year in October. It was first created for local DJs, but now there are a lot of international bands from the European and American continents that take part of this festival. Most concerts take place in the downtown Reykjavik and all bars host Iceland ’s very own Djs. Another very popular festival in Iceland is the Unglist in August. This is a young art festival that also takes place every year in Reykjavik since 1992. Usually the program of the festival includes music, design, fashion, photography, painting, theatre and many other similar activities.

Reykjavik cultural fests

One of the most popular cultural festivals in Iceland is Reykjavik Jazz Festival that takes place every year in October. It is considered to be an increasingly prestigious event not only on the Icelandic jazz scene, but also on the international one. The festival lasts for only 5 days and it hosts a lot of vibrant names from the jazz world. The performances are various ranging from classic jazz, to new compositions in Latin beat, and avant-garde children’s jazz. Another festival in Iceland that we are going to mention here is the Cultural Night that takes place every August in Reykjavik . This festival has become an essential part of the cultural life in Iceland . This fest gives you the possibility to enjoy a variety of activities, such as traditional shows, exhibitions and other more unusual happenings.