Museums and Galleries in Iceland

There are many museums and galleries in Iceland and if you want to admire or even to buy Icelandic art the place to start is definitely the capital, Reykjavik . Among museums around Iceland you can enjoy visiting the National Museum of Iceland, the Salt Fish Saga Museum in Grindavik, the Saga Museum in Perlan and one of the tourists’ favourite places the Viking Art Centre – Primrun. Of course there are many other museums and galleries in Iceland that you can admire. There are many such places that perfectly combine art and folklore, telling you everything you want to know about old saga tails of the North. Also the museums and galleries in Iceland are famous for their hosting of magic runes that are believed to be the tools of the Vikings’ magic powers.

National Museum of Iceland

One of the most visited from all the museums and galleries in Iceland is the national Museum of Iceland . This place is an extraordinary source of inspiration through its amazing art galleries that host approximately 2000 national treasures. The permanent collection of this museum is set in such a way that it “talks” about Iceland as a nation, about its heritage and history. This museum is considered to be one of the most complete museums and galleries in Iceland because it illustrates traditions and objects from pagan times till today. The purpose of this great museum is to communicate knowledge of the island’s cultural heritage. It is also a centre for conservation and research of the extraordinary history of Iceland.