Mini Guides on Iceland

How to go from the airport to Reykjavik

If this is the first time you travel to Iceland, surely you'll wonder c s you can go to the airport to Reykjavik. This is a valid question, because even though you are traveling to Reykjavik in reality you're just arriving to the airport of Keflavik. More

Things to do in Iceland in summer

There are a lot of great things to do in Iceland in summer and some of them would be bird watching, horseback riding, golf, river rafting and a lot more cool things. Iceland is a great place where you can spend excellent days visiting and seeing a lot of places and during the night you can enjoy the great nightlife that the island has to offer. More

Things to do in Iceland in winter

No farther than 20 km along the mountain track on the East Side of Reykjavik you can find one of the most active geothermal areas of Iceland. Here, you can do all sports of winter activities, such as snow rafting and snowboarding. Of course, the national parks are also open for visitors all year long. More

Things to do in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a complex and complete city, offering each visitor something to match their taste. Although most tourists first notice the stunning landscape around Reykjavik , the city itself is a metropolis of a multitude of sights and sounds that should not be missed. More

Day trips out of Reykjavik

One of the best thing about Iceland is it's size. In a relatively short amount of time you can see so much. Staying in Reykjavik means you can easily make day trips out to see the glaciers, geisirs, and other beautiful towns and villages around Iceland. More