How to get there and how to get around Iceland

The time has come, you want to start planning your vacation and want to visit Iceland. But it is likely that you do not know where to start or even know how to get to Iceland. Good, because that's one of my country favorites that I learned a lot about him, I'll give you some tips on how to get to the country, in summer and in winter, and how to get around the island.

How to get to Iceland?

Iceland is perfectly located, as it is located in the middle of America and Europe. In fact, you can take in getting to Iceland is 5 hours from North America or 3 hours from Europe. By doing that this country is even one of the destinations where you could do a scale if you want to make a stop in your way to the other side of the Atlantic.

Although maybe you already do but us to find the best price, we tend to use Skyscanner because, in addition to shows us combinations that can save you a few pennies or, better, shows us the flights shorter.

Well, but the question now is how to get there? Fortunately, there are several airlines that can take you to this wonderful destination. Some of them are seasonal, while others can take you in any time of the year. Get to know a few.


One of the biggest advantages of this airline, is that you can book flights from the website of Icelandair. However, there are other factors of equal or greater importance in addition to this. For example:

  • It is an airline, very punctual, Icelandair is almost always on time. Of course, there are times where there are some problems, but most of the planes are ready without much delay.
  • You can opt for a scale-free in Iceland that lasts up to 7 nights. So that you can make a tour in Iceland in a week.
  • The route map is very good, in fact here you can view the article. This allows you to be much more easy to find a direct flight, or an airport connection close from your home.
  • You can carry your luggage without paying extra money.

If you think to opt for this airline, I recommend to book well in advance to get the best prices.


This is a low cost airline available throughout the year. Fly directly from Birmingham to Keflavik airport. This makes it very easy to get to from Scotland, London, or Continental Europe.

(SAS) Scandinavian Airlanes

This airline will be perfect if you are looking for how to get to Iceland from Norway. In addition, their flights are often cheaper than Icelandair.


This is an iceland airline of low cost that fly from Europe and the united States. The staff of WOW is very fun, so that you will have fun from the beginning to the end of the flight. But keep in mind that this airline charges for extra baggage. On its web site listed the prices of the flights, so that you should be aware depending on which era you want to travel.

Easy Jet

C so does not need introduction since it is very well known by all but I must say that like WOW, you must verify on its web site the prices, but are generally quite low.

Seasonal flights

Some airlines like Delta Airlanes offer seasonal flights from New York city. The prices are very good and the services are middle-class. Some other airlines that you can check are Thomas Cook Airlines, Vueling and Airberlin.

How to move in Iceland

Have you come to Iceland? Well, if now you wonder how to move the truth is quite simple since you have many options, even if Uber is not one of them.

Go to the airport of Keflavik to Reykjavik can be done in several ways. You can rent a car, hire a shuttle, take a taxi or take the bus, but it all depends on if you're only with one person or a large group of people.

In Reykjavik, you can hop on to a taxi quietly, as the prices are not as high as compared with other things although it is always advisable to ask for a cost average.

Outside of the city I recommend you take a taxi, even to go to the airport. Without doubt the price will alter a little.

Now that you have resolved the part of how to get to Iceland and how to get out of the airport, the question is how to move in Iceland? There are several options, you can do tours, domestic flights, bus, rent a car (without a doubt is the best option) or even ask for a ride.

If you guides by the main road that runs throughout the island you can not miss, in addition to the GPS in your mobile phone can also help you.

Tours in Iceland

In Reykjavik you can find many tour companies that offer tours at very good prices and allow you to know the whole of Iceland.

If you do this, make sure to take a tour that take you to the Golden Circle, and even the Peninsula of Snaefellsnes.

You'll also need to also look for tours that offer whale watching or northern lights, in between the other and many fun things that you can do in Iceland.

There is No doubt that the tours are a good way to learn about Iceland, some of them can last for hours while others several days. But the tours are at a disadvantage, and that is that you have to follow a specific route and an itinerary. So if you want to do anything you must conform to the plans.

Domestic flights

Another way of getting around the island is by air. There are a couple domestic carriers that you can carry for the whole of Iceland. These airlines fly from Egilsstadir to Akureyri, Westman Islands, Isafjordur, and Husavik.

But, although this represents a great advantage in terms of the time it will take you to trasladándote. It should be noted that it is much more expensive and there may be cancellations due to the weather.


There are several bus companies, important travel routes all over the country. The main ones are Sterna, Straeto and Exrcursiones Reyjavik. These companies will take you through the routes along the circular route, fjords of the west and to the highlands in the summer.


Ask someone to drive is very safe in Iceland. Since this is one of the safest countries for this activity. So no need to worry about some stranger you out of the streets or on a highway.

Rent a car

But the best option is always to rent a car and head towards where you want to. When you rent a car there are several options, you can opt for a small vehicle, a 4×4 or a caravan.

Depending on which you planned to visit in your trip to Iceland, a car will have benefits over the other. For example, a car 4×4 will allow you to make deviations with roads a little rustic, cross rivers, etc, While a caravan offers a lot of flexibility and you can even save some money, since you sleep in the car wherever you are.

My advice that I give to friends and acquaintances who travel to Iceland is to take a look at the price comparison sites like Rentalcars (the car company Booking) because it shows you which ones are the cheapest.

Rent a car in which you sleep will allow you not only to save money. But you can sleep where you want and you won't waste time in leaving the hotel.

Why rent a caravan?

The more you turn away from the civilization, the landscape becomes more beautiful. Then, a caravan allows you to go where you want and spend the night there. It does not matter if it is a small town, if you prefer sleeping in front of a waterfall or watching the aurora borealis.

The price of a caravan can vary. For example, some websites offer several models ranging from 11.500 up to 29,000 isk (per day). Each one offers features superior to other as you must imagine.

For example, one of them offers a double bed and seating for two people. The other is a caravan fully equipped for 3 people. And the other, the better is the caravan 4×4 that allows you to carry 5 people and has a bedroom for 4. So if you are traveling in a group, probably this last one suits you more.

Driving in Iceland

Well, you already know how to get to Iceland, how to move and decided to rent a car. Although this represents a very important advantage over the others. You have to take into account some tips.

It is very easy to lead by Iceland, since it has a main road that goes all around the country. You'll just have to keep walking on it if you want to visit some hot springs, but most of the cities and important points are at walking distance from the road.

It will seem weird but being a single road there are those who say that you could travel to Iceland without a map already that you can do the tour by yourself without getting lost.

In summer be careful when driving if there is animal or if you're faced with sections not paved. In winter, you have to take special care and you must drive slowly.

Also, keep in mind that you have to drive according to weather conditions. That is to say that if you're already on the road and is ice, there is fog, blizzard, etc, it is best to go slowly and secure.

During the summer, it is normal to see sheep running around everywhere and crossing the road. But you must take special care if you see a sheep on one side and a lamb on the other side of the road, since usually the lamb will want to cross the road to be with his mom.

Despite the fact that the main road is mostly paved, there is a rocky stretch between Egilsstadir and lake Mývatn in the northeastern part of the island. So if you're in the winter you have to drive slow for this part, but if you can help it would be much better.

How to get to Iceland and moving around is really easy. You can see for yourself that there are several options. In fact, it is a country so safe that many people choose as a method of transport, the bicycle. But of course, this is an option for extreme people and experienced since it can be a little problematic if you get snow or hail.


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