Safety for Travellers in Iceland

Getting to Iceland is not a very complicated thing, first of all because there are not too many ways from which you can choose. We are going to provide you with some transport tips in Iceland in the following lines. The most common ways of travelling around the country are by air, by bus or by car or motorcycle. There are two airlines operating in Iceland and they are both in close collaboration heading to Air Iceland . They operate to Reykjavik and some other places on the island, and also to Greenland and the Faeroe Islands . One of the most cherished transport tips in Iceland is that there are no trains in this country, thus the most common way to travel around would be by bus. Another thing that might seem quite strange is that buss tickets may be more expensive than flights. Also, a very popular way to travel would be by car. You are strongly advised to be careful, if you choose to travel by motorcycle because most roads in Iceland are gravel roads. One of the best transport tips in Iceland would be that you should rent a 4x4 vehicle so that you make sure that you can drive through the island.

Less common ways to travel around Iceland

Some people prefer more adventurous travelling, such as hitchhiking or bicycling. Another of the valuable transport tips in Iceland is that hitchhiking is easy to do and rather safe. It is also considered to be a very cheap way to get around the country. However, there is the inconvenience of little traffic, thus it is recommended that you do this only on the main roads, such as Reykjavik – Akureyri. The other fun way to travel around Iceland is by bike. This is possible only during the warm season, but you should bear in mind the fact that this way of travelling could be difficult, as the terrain is uneven. The last of the transport tips that we are going to give here is that you should be in a very good shape if you choose to ride your bike across Iceland , otherwise you are strongly advised to rent a car.