Day trips out of Reykjavik

Discover Reykjavik

Reykjavik is one of the most appreciated vacation destinations. If you haven’t had the pleasure to visit this heavenly spot yet, you should definitely consider it for your next vacation. The city is located in a board bay with a background of impressive mountains. It can also offer you all the facilities that you might need including first class hotels, malls, various cuisine restaurants, theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries and so on and so forth. Another thing that you should know is that Reykjavik’s night life is as vibrant as the day because all the pubs and clubs that can satisfy any taste. However, we have to admit that the vast majority of the tourists are attracted by the stunning views of the city’s surroundings that can be admired from the viewing deck on the dome of the Perlan Building. While spending your evenings and nights in the great city of Reykjavik you can spend your day by taking some excellent day trips out. You will definitely be charmed by the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon and will also want to explore the fjords by sailing the incredible traditional boats.

The surroundings of this great city are also very well known, aside from their natural beauty, because of the great variety of animal species that they shelter. Besides the great number of sheep and caws that you may see on the rich plains, you can also admire the many bird species that come there every summer season, such as puffins, gray geese, kittiwakes, snow buntings, fuillemonts, petrels and askuas. There are about 75 bird species that come to this area to nest. Other animal species that you can admire in the Reykjavik’s near surroundings would be the whale. During the summer months there are special tours organized especially for tourists to see the deep waters where the whales live. Iceland is such a welcoming place for animals because it has a very pure, unpolluted environment. The ground is also very clean because there are no insecticides being used, thus the food is always fresh and natural.

What is there to see?

Some of the greatest attractions in Iceland and, particularly, in the Reykjavik area are the natural geothermal waters. The thermal waters are a wonderful place to relax or to treat some of your rheumatic problems. Many Icelanders consider this activity as being a way of life and even a place to socialize. These warm waters are used in various ways. First of all, they are used as an attraction for tourists, many of them finding the natural warm waters of the Blue Lagoon very relaxing. It is also very well known that these mineral waters’ sediments have an incredible effect in skin conditioning. Another usage of the thermal waters is that they provide electricity, home heating, and even the heating of some see water areas that are used for swimming. These waters are very healthy and what more would anybody want for a proof than the inhabitants’ long life expectancy.

The Blue Lagoon, with its natural scrubs, is the number one place to visit and all the tourists spend quality time while swimming and relaxing there. The price to get in is around $20 and you can enjoy it for as long as you wish. Other places outside Reykjavik where you can take day trips would be the waterfalls, the shooting geysers, the volcanoes and, of course the Europe’s largest glacier. You will also enjoy a wonderful view, if you take a boat tour on the northern coast. Here you can admire all the beautiful icebergs that have broken off from the huge glacier. The seals are also offering a great show, paying absolutely no attention to the tourists. And, of course, the eastern coast is incredibly beautiful with all the fjords winding around it. The southern part is more populated, thus the usual landscapes would be populated by agricultural countryside and farmlands.

What is there to do?

The Reykjavik area is prepared for all types of visitors. Whether you are an adventure seeking person or not, you can rest assured that you will find something to enjoy. There are places that provide for you the possibility to do all kind of sports, such as hiking, biking, skiing, bird watching, camping, golfing or even all sorts of water activities. One of the most popular activities is horse riding. This is because the horses here are of a special breed, smaller than anywhere else in the world. The Vikings here have brought them a thousand years ago and now they are used for recreational riding. The fact that the daylight lasts till long in the evening during the summer season makes everything even more interesting and dreamlike. A 900-mile road that takes you around the entire island and offers you the possibility to see everything that is going on in this little paradise on Earth.

Coach Tours

The coach tours are considered to be very useful by most of the tourists. This is the easiest and most effective way to see Iceland and it’s natural beauties. These tours bring the tourists into a very close contact with many sides of the country. If you want to see more than the great city of Reykjavik and enjoy nature, history, culture and of course daily life, you should definitely choose a coach tour for an activity during your vacation. All the tours are provided with professional guides so that you can learn everything you need to know about the places you see. The usual destinations of the tours are to the Blue Lagoon, a sight seeing tour of the capital, a tour of Geysir and Gullfoss and another tour for the south shore.