Things to do in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a complex and complete city, offering each visitor something to match their taste. Although most tourists first notice the stunning landscape around Reykjavik , the city itself is a metropolis of a multitude of sights and sounds that should not be missed. However, let’s have a look at that you can do around the city for now. Day tours are still the most popular things to do around the city. The areas around Reykjavik offer a multitude of interesting sights, such as waterfalls, glaciers and geysers, mysterious volcanic grounds and a rich and majestic tree population. Among other things to do near Reykjavik, visitors usually prefer to go horse riding or whale watching, while some who enjoy fishing will have an amazing time fighting with the “monsters” hiding in the nearby waters. One of the best ways to see all these things is to take part in organized tours (unless you have friends in Reykjavik to show you the sites themselves).

Let’s get back into the city. The Reykjavik Park and Zoo is almost a must if you are traveling with children. However, those young at heart will also enjoy a trip here, as the zoo is home to over 150 animals and there are several interactive displays. And if the walk around the zoo becomes tiring, why not relax in one of the famous thermal pools and spas that are spread around the city? Geo-thermal water fills these pools and you can use them all-year-round, even if many of them are outdoors. Relaxing and fun (there are also water slides for the more adventurous bathers) the thermal pools are a great relaxation method. You can also bask in hot-pots before going in the pool and you will be happy to find out that the pools and spas are open from very early until late in the evening. Many bathe in geo-thermal pools frequently because of the curative attributes that this type of water has. Hygiene is essential here, as the pools have very little chlorinated water, so mandatory showers are expected before you go in the pool.

After a relaxing day it’s also time to explore Reykjavik at night. The energy that runs through the city is perhaps more visible during nighttime. Bars, night clubs and pubs are scattered all around Reykjavik and there are many themed venues. You will not run out of places to go to every single night and the variety of decors and music styles is amazing. Discos and dance halls are also present in all of Reykjavik ’s districts. However, one of the main attractions in Reykjavik ’s bars is Icelandic beer. The purity of Iceland ’s waters can be seen, and, more importantly, tasted in the local beer brands. The locals will happily state that they have the best beer in the world – maybe an overstatement, but while you’re in Reykjavik you tend to agree! Most pubs and bars are open until late – usually until three in the morning – but you will also find locations that only close at around 5 in the morning. Another attractive aspect of spending an evening out in Reykjavik is the live music scene. You will most likely hear about a concert in absolutely every night of the week and the music genres are very diverse.

After leaving the bars and pubs, it’s time for another serving of the beautiful scenery and sights of Reykjavik . Sports and other outdoor activities are found in abundance in Reykjavik . Horse riding is a favorite for both locals and tourists, while swimming and fishing are rated among the most popular outdoor activities. However, when it comes to popular sports, soccer and handball are by far the most loved by Icelanders. When the snow permits it, skiing is also very popular and as far as indoor sports are concerned, during winter, basketball is a common choice. Hiking is also one of the many things that should be on your list if you visit this city. Just across the bay you will find areas such as the Heidmork Nature Reserve and stately Mount Esja . Exploring hiking trails on your own or as part of a hiking group is equally rewarding. And after an exhausting and rewarding walk, why not enjoy a delicious Icelandic meal in one of the many fine restaurants around Reykjavik ? Budget diners and classy restaurants are spread around the city center and in the districts well, and you will find the food to be excellent and relatively cheap.

However, one of the most memorable things you can do in Reykjavik involves golfing, especially at nighttime. This is especially true in the summer time, when the aurora borealis, the Midnight Sun as it is known, shines on the dark sky. The beauty of the scenery and the crisp fresh air will make any golfing outing a memorable one. And there is still so much more to do in this amazing city and all of the things listed above should be considered nothing more than an appetizer… so make sure to place Reykjavik on top of the list of your next vacation locations.