Activities and things to do in Iceland

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are some of the most amazing natural phenomena on Earth. Witnessing such a phenomenon is something that you are never going to forget. Aurora Borealis exists in the outmost layer of the atmosphere and they are created by some particles that are electrically charged, thus making thin air shine.
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Cruises around Iceland

Iceland is considered to be a modern and technologically advanced country, which is situated within 5 hours from the United States ’ East- coast. Many believe that Iceland is the ideal place for their vacations having an exciting, lively, and ancient culture of its own. There you can feel like home and free to explore and admire the beautiful landscapes. More

Shopping in Iceland

The low prices in Iceland are due to the fact that there are lower overhead costs and also because that the market can’t support the huge mark-ups that are the norm in larger centres. Another reason for you to start shopping in Iceland is that here you can benefit of tax-free shopping. More

Bars and Clubs in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its vivid nightlife. There are quite a lot of bars and clubs in Iceland and it is very common on the weekend to spend the entire night dancing and partying in one of the city's numerous nightclubs. More

Eating out in Iceland

There are a lot of restaurants and other places for eating out in Iceland and they reach their highest density in the centre. You can find any type of cuisine here, starting from the US fast food products to the most sophisticated French dishes or to traditional Oriental food. More

Bird watching in Iceland

There are quite a few things Iceland is world famous for including the spectacular volcanic scenery, the hot springs and the geysers, but most of all for the breeding wildfowl, waders and seabirds. More

Hiking and riding in Iceland

Hiking and riding in Iceland are two of the most popular activities among the tourists that visit the country. Hiking or riding among glaciated peaks, geothermal valleys or even black sand beaches can be very interesting for most people because it’s the only way of seeing everything that is to see. More

Horse riding in Iceland

Horses are an Icelandic national passion, thus horse riding in Iceland is one of the most favorite activities. The horses here belong to a very special breed. More